DropBeacon was one of the products I worked on at eDaoyou, a start-up company in Beijing. It can detect users' location inside a building, such as: shopping malls, underground parkings, airports, and send relevant information to users.

By providing info to users, DropBeacon can attract large numbers of customers and help retailers increases their revenue.


DropBeacon is a small and wireless device, using Bluetooth signals to connect users' smartphones. It is small and light so that the device can be stuck on walls, doors or other subjects.

User with a smartphones is able to be found by DropBeacons and thereby DropBeacons could estimate the location precisely and communicate with the phone to exchange data and information.


Smartphones that in range are able to receive DropBeacons' signals and estimate their location precisely. Our application can communicate with Beacons to exchange information and navigates users to it. When a smartphone is near to a DropBeacon, it will send an information or message to the phone, and the user can gets notification.

There will be lots of functions to be discovered. We are planning to exploit the functions that could help users find available parking space and remember where they've parked in a busy car parking area in the next step.

Customers will benefit from DropBeacon to save time on shopping and get even more wonderful shopping experience. As well as, the retailers who use our service will attract more loyal customers.

Admin panel

Retailers and others who bought our devices can use our Admin panel to manage their DropBeacons. Beacons can send custom information, which can easily create at admin panel, to customers in range.

My Role

I was the Product Manager & Interaction Designer of this project for DropBeacon. So, it was my responsibility to figure out how to design the app and admin panel website that helps users understand the new concept of our product.

After collecting information about DropBeacon from our engineers and program manager, I started to draw sketches on notebooks and using these paper prototypes and storyboards to discuss with other team members. We had a plenty of discussions while optimized the prototype to streamlining user experience and let the app and website easy to learn.

It was also my responsibility to design website for our product.