Bubble Cat


After a market research, our team found that Casual Games on facebook and other SNS, like Bejeweled and Triple Town, were getting more popular. They have large numbers of active users and their revenues are also considerably high. So we decided to make a new casual game, Bubble Cat, for Chinese users.

Players may be familiar with how to play Bubble Cat, because it is like Puzzle Bobble, a very popular and famous game. We started this project in early March of 2012. The team was small and consisted 3 programmers, 3 graphic designers, 1 game designer(also the team leader) and me, a product manager. As all members were technically professional, decisions and operation in the team were fast and effective. The beta version of Bubble Cat was finished in the late of May 2012, and we only spent 3 months to complete this new project! And now, Bubble Cat is one of the most popular games on QZone and Pengyou --- both of which are Tencent's social networks, and have more than 3.5 million DAU(Daily Active Users) in China.

My Role

As the product manager for the project of Bubble Cat, I learned a great deal from this project. This is the first game during which I participated from the beginning, so that setting up the rules of interfaces and interactions in the team were a challenge to me. Through discussing with those experienced product managers and getting ideas from many books on user experience and interaction design, I fulfill my duties successfully.

All of the basic UI was designed by myself. My main technical tasks for this project were sketching, prototyping, wireframing, flowchart designs, copywriting, some of logical designs, interaction designs and communicating and discussing with programmers and graphic designers to make sure their works were following the design theme. Moreover, I needed to use the analysis of users' data to improve my design and made sure all of UIs are user friendly.

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